PANACHE Staffing


How much does it cost to register on PANACHE?
From registration to recruitment, there is no charge.
What do I need to do to register with PANACHE?
First, you can register through our web site.Please click here to register.
Please attach your resume (English & Japanese) on the registration. After your registration has been reviewed, one of our consultants will contact you when there is a matching role.
If I register online, will I be offered only temporary jobs?
No, we have permanent and temporary positions available.
Does PANACHE offer permanent positions as well?
Yes, we offer permanent position as well as temporary positions.
If I start working as a temporary staff, is there the possibility of becoming a permanent staff?
We have seen many cases in which a temporary staff was recruited to be a permanent employee as a result of his/her hard work and ability during the temporary contract period. In those cases, it is essential that PANACHE, and the company where you are dispatched discuss the matter and come to a mutual agreement. If you receive an offer or query from the Company where you are dispatched please speak with your PANACHE representative.
Would PANACHE introduce positions to people living abroad?
If you have previously worked in Japan and are planning return to Japan again in the near future, we will do our best to support you. Please register on our website as mentioned in question 2.
I do not have a working visa. Does PANACHE help me to get a working visa?
If you have a working visa which will expire in the near future, we may able to renew your working visa, although if you are on a visit and thinking of obtaining a valid working visa in Japan it is very difficult. If you are still abroad we recommend you consult with the Japanese embassy or consulate nearest you.
What level of Japanese language do you expect in order to introduce a position to me?
Depending on the position, the level of language will vary. Although the usual minimum requirement of Japanese is level 2 on the Japanese proficiency test. Some examples of when you would use English / Japanese are: Email / reading and understanding manuals / reading and composition of reports, communication with colleagues and superiors, participation in meetings in English /Japanese, and telephone / video conference in English / Japanese with overseas office.